Why we are looking for an egoless, thick-skinned, tenacious, music business professional to manage our Turntable DJ Network

Interesting Insights About the Role

A smart manager understands that commerce and art are strange bedfellows. Despite the difference in interface between the two, art is commerce and commerce is art. A manager is someone who will look after the business side of the artist’s career and will interface with all other parties involved in contributing to the artist’s commercial success.

The job of a manager in music is not easy. This is because as a manager you MUST understand all aspects of the music industry. If you don’t understand how copyright works you are going to be responsible for the downfall of the artists, you are managing.

You can’t be a copyright trader with a non-existent knowledge of copyright. However, we are copyright engineers with an extensive track record in the Kenya music market. We are therefore looking for someone who can help build our Turntable DJ Network.

Your Roles as our Turntable Network Manager

The Turntable Network manager will be responsible for booking gigs and corporate events for our DJ service. The successful candidate or entity must be prepared to lead PR activities related to our DJ services. The Manager will be responsible for looking for opportunities and engagements to build our DJ entertainment business.

The Manager will also be responsible for recruiting DJs into our network. We believe DJs play a crucial role in music. We are spearheading their engagement in the management of music affairs. They are critical voices that can’t be left out of the conversation. We need somebody that carries this belief.

photo of man playing dj mixer

We believe that DJs are a critical link in the music supply chain. Their involvement is inevitable. They are music users who should play a critical role in supplying music data to CMOS. They are essential for every performing artist. They convert corporate gigs into fun-loving networking spaces. They spice radio and are the energy powering live festivals.

The successful applicant will be at liberty to hire booking agents and promoters to work on behalf of our DJ services division. The Manager will be responsible for handling the promotion of our DJ-related activities. We are looking for a DJ manager to book new gigs and events as well as PR opportunities and engagement for our brand The Music Advocate Africa.

The successful applicant will be our booking agent and promoter. That is why the person or entity we seek to hire will be at liberty to also hire booking agents and promoters.

Your Role in Booking Live Performance Gigs

In the music industry, a music booking agent is responsible for booking live music performances. This could be for tours, festival performances, radio gigs, and so on. They mainly work with artists, bands, musicians, and actors as a salesperson on behalf of their clients.

dj controlling disc in front of crowd
The successful candidate will help build our international music festival network

We are looking for a candidate that has a track record of booking gigs at music festivals, corporate events, churches, and schools. We are looking for candidates who have experience organizing international artist tours in Africa, Europe, America & Asia.

Our booking agent will be responsible for working with artists, bands, musicians, and actors as a salesperson on our behalf. Because booking agents are also responsible for the process of negotiating performance contracts, we need a booking agent that will take up the roles of negotiating our performance contracts and approaching promoters about upcoming gigs.

The successful candidate will be entitled to a 20 % commission fee for every performance they successfully book. We will not accept any bids proposing a flat fee. We are looking for candidates with a track record ready to work with an advocacy organization that champions the rights of artists, creators of audiovisual content and other copyright rights holders.

We are also looking for start-up artist managers who want to build a career in artist management services. They will be inducted into our Music Managers Forum. The Music Managers Forum is a business networking and education forum for music and creative business managers.


It’s difficult for DJs to focus on the production of great mixes and also be responsible for identifying profitable opportunities for the DJ label. Whereas once upon a time managers were the preserve of top American artists, today, anywhere in the world, every serious art professional needs an artist manager. Great teams have many managers managing different aspects of the business. The roles of the manager are well defined and separate from that of the artist.

If an artist uses the services of management and agents, they have enough time to focus on the production of music sets.

The DJ has to understand the DJ environment they operate in. They must be on top of the latest developments in terms of music releases. Music fans are constantly sprawling on social media scavenging for the latest hits from their favorite acts. Fans are also discovering new music every day. This has been facilitated by easy access to digital music on social media.

The DJ must filter their library. They must classify their music and organize it in a way that ensures the library is easily accessible. The DJ must be well conversant with the software they use to do. This is because of constant updates by DJ software developers. The DJ can’t afford to have a library that is not thoroughly analyzed.

Part of the homework of every DJ is to ensure that they create hot cues, looping cues, and markers for every track they intend to play.

The DJ must practice their mixes. Practice makes perfect. After a long time of practicing, work becomes natural. One who practices regularly becomes skillful, swift, and steady in what they do. You can buy expensive DJ equipment, but you can’t buy 15 years of practice.

Because mistakes happen and are inevitable, regular practice acts as a means of polishing skills. Over time that skill becomes a critical asset because hard work will be reflected in the kinds of mixes the DJ is Churning out. This is the only way a DJ can take their audience through the journey of sound.

The Music Advocate Africa is a Music & Creative Business company advocating for reforms in the music & creative sectors. It also structures deals in the entertainment industry. We are seeking alliances with musicians, film producers, athletes, sports professionals, advertisers, actors, software developers, the gaming community, technology business, fashion brands, illustrators, designers, sculptors, authors, publishers, distributors, manufacturers, text tile enterprises, creative schools, & the entire broad spectrum of creative economy players.

Send your one-page application letter and a copy of your firm/professional profile to Robert@TheMusicAdvocate.Africa   Describe yourself and why you believe you meet the requirements to become our Turntable Network Manager.


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