The Music Advocate Africa is Connecting Music Professionals, Creators in Film, Creators in Visual Arts, Book Authors, Writers, Producers, Performers, Media, Public Spaces, Governments, Business Associations, Music Users, CMOs, Regulators & Audiences through Advocacy, Business Associations, Social Networks, Policy Dialogue Platforms, Political Networks, Partnerships, News, Publications, DJ Mixes, Merchandising, Podcasts, Events, Touring, Videos & Education for Music Professionals & Business Executives.

If you love music or use it for enhancing your business and you care about its development, use it in commerce, entertainment, advertising, and general culture The Music Advocate Africa is where you should spend your time. All creators in film, books, images, fashion, & visual arts. We advocate for reforms aimed at promoting fair remuneration for artists. We advocate for businesses to access music easily and fairly. We distill our music business knowledge and experiences into courses for artists and businesses. The Music Advocate Africa believes that Music and Business Matter. Without government support, music and business cannot thrive. Without business support, music cannot thrive. Without investment in CMOs, creators cannot succeed in developing stable streams of income. Without the collaboration of stakeholders, artists, CMOs, businesses, civil society, and the government cannot thrive. We all need each other. That is why you need to join The Music Advocate Africa community, business & social platforms promoting policy dialogue reforms in creative business in Kenya & Africa. Reconciling differences. Championing collaboration, driving empowerment of stakeholders, and recognition of efforts by different players.

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