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What is The Copyright Business Leadership Program

What is Copyright?

Copyright is the right to copy. This means that the original creators of Copyright products, and anyone they give authorization to, are the only ones with the exclusive right to reproduce or use the works. Copyright regulates the business of Music, Film, Visual Artists, Computer Software, Books, Theater, Dance, Design, Comedy, Poetry, Advertising, Social Media, Broadcasters, Publishers, Architects & a variety of Creative Economy Enterprises. Copyright success relies on an enlightened public & private sector.

The Challenge

Copyright Business Management presents one of the biggest challenges to copyright-based businesses globally. Creators & Users of Copyright are Equally at Risk. Every country is currently grappling with the effects of technology on copyright businesses. This challenge disproportionately burdens creative enterprises in Africa at a time when African Music, Film, Theater, Visual Arts, Design, Technology, Fashion, Advertising, Architecture & other creative goods, and services are growing in global value, prominence & appreciation. Smart Enterprises Must Invest in Copyright Business Education of their Employees , Business Value Chains & Communities they operate in.

The Problem

There is overwhelming evidence from the African public & private sectors that creative enterprises are constrained by their limited capacity to promote & commercialize their creative products. IP (Intellectual Property) Value & Protection remain the greatest challenges for creative enterprises. Because most of these enterprises are classified as SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) & are owned by young African entrepreneurs, their ability to protect & commercialize their IP is hampered by their inability to retain competent transaction advisors. This requires them to build internal resilience & capacity to overcome these challenges. Most Companies Face a Risk of Copyright Infringement because their Employees Lack Skills & Knowledge Required By Companies To Avoid Copyright Infringement.

The Solution

We seek to help creative professionals, enterprises & entrepreneurs in Africa build internal resilience & capacity to overcome creative economy challenges associated with Copyright Business. We do this by offering industry-leading affordable online training solutions & resources to creative entrepreneurs & their in-house business teams. We believe creator education in Copyright Business is a lifetime affair that should create opportunities to learn, innovate & create global African networks.

The Target Group

Creative Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Creative Business Entrepreneurs, Companies & Professionals in Music, Film, Live Performance, TV, Radio, Broadcasting, Media, Journalism, Architecture, Design, Fashion, Advertising, Video Games, Computer Software, Theater, Animation, Dance, Visual Arts, Painting, Sculpture, Animation, Cartoonists, Illustrators, Photographers, Museums & Historical Cultural Sites.

Regulators & Legislators

Policy, Regulation & Legislation makers responsible for developing national & continental policies on Copyright in the African Creative Economy.

Higher Learning Institutions

  Universities & Higher Learning Education Institutions involved in training creative entrepreneurs & professionals.


Trade, Industry & Professional Associations.

Legal Professionals

Legal Professionals involved or aspiring to get involved in Copyright, Art, Entertainment & Creative Economy Work.


Collective Management Organizations & Their Stakeholders.

Objectives & Expected Learning Outcomes of Program

Copyright Business Leadership Skills

Copyright Leadership is a practical skill that encompasses the ability of an individual, group, or organization to lead, influence, or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations in Copyright & Intellectual Property Matters. Our Copyright Leadership Program is designed to give you practical knowledge that will enable you to lead, influence & guide other individuals, teams, or organizations that engage in activities that are regulated by copyright.

Copyright Business Practical Skills

We designed our program to build your skill & competence to give copyright business leadership in projects that are related to media, marketing, design, photography, music, film, theater, technology, computer software, video games, architecture, fashion, visual arts, writing, publishing, journalism, blogging, vlogging & copyright policy legislation.

Ability To Lead Copyright Business Teams

You will become a leader capable of leading entire teams, individuals, or organizations whose activities affect the interests of authors, publishers, photographers, performing artists, software developers, musicians, songwriters, music publishers, record labels, recording studios, sports leagues, broadcasters, guilds, unions, newspapers, game developers, event’s organizers, book publishers, motion picture studios, software companies, & many more other organizations that rely on copyright to protect & promote their creative goods & services.

Unpacking Our Purpose

Our Mission

Our mission in Africa is to foster interest in and advance the study and understanding of copyright business in literature, music, art, theater, motion picture, television, computer software, architecture, advertising, and other works of authorship, and their distribution through both traditional and new media. We believe in a borderless Africa united by Copyright & Trade because African creators in Copyright based industries are already collaborating across borders.

Our History

Since 2014, The Music Advocate Africa has been comprised of copyright business professionals whose practitioners and members work in music, literature, visual arts, theater, fashion, design, film, radio, television, computer software, architecture, and all forms of media. Our membership spans the copyright landscape: from authors of copyright, legal professionals, companies, advertisers, artists, artist organizations, and artist managers, to academics and their students; regulators & legislators.


Why Join?

Welcome to a community that includes top professionals, diverse individuals, and a myriad of private and public organizations and institutions (including artists, performers, innovators, and content creators and providers), that provide art, entertainment, tools, regulation & legislation, and information for the enrichment of a global African society that grows more connected with each passing year. Our membership includes publishers, major television networks, lawyers, art managers, movie studios, game creators, libraries, architects, fashion entrepreneurs, educators, legislators, regulators, digital giants, and a range of other stakeholders who expand the knowledge base of our creative entrepreneur members with their unique insights from diverse points of view.


Grow Your
Copyright Business Leadership Knowledge

For creative professionals & copyright-based entrepreneurs with limited copyright business knowledge, e-learning opportunities, and unparalleled continuing education programs will quickly prove to be a great return on your investment. You will get lifetime access to e-learning tools available in an audio-visual format and which will become your point of reference every time you seek guidance in protecting, promoting & commercializing your copyright. You get exclusive access to our audiovisual media library courses. Only members have access to our Media Library of programs and learning materials.

Custom Programs

Grow Your Knowledge on
How Not To Run Your
Creative Enterprise

Keep up to date with copyright-focused, comprehensive programs aimed at How Not To Run Your Creative Enterprise in Africa. To succeed in your creative business or profession, you must possess a thorough understanding of the dangerous business practices that will lead to a colossal business failure. You must be aware of dangerous business practices that can land your creative enterprise in trouble. The smart solution is to skill up and avoid pitfalls that may cost you huge losses resulting in the destruction of your creative ventures. You will join a community of creative economy professionals & organizations dedicated to ethical & responsible business practices in Africa

Network with Copyright Professionals & Organizations

Grow Your Professional Business Circle

For creative professionals & copyright-based entrepreneurs with limited experience, mentorship opportunities and unparalleled continuing education programs will quickly prove to be a great return on your investment. Additionally, membership offers opportunities to network & collaborate with the biggest names in copyright that you will not find anywhere else. For experienced copyright professionals & organizations, we offer the opportunity to create new relationships with your peers and to give back to the community by introducing passionate newcomers to the field. You may even discover areas of interest you did not know that you had.

Mentorship Opportunities

Opportunities For New & Experienced Enterprises To Grow

Copyright Business Mentors are a must-have in any creative entrepreneur’s toolbox, from the day-one business owner to the established CEO.   A mentor is usually an expert in their field, often bringing decades of niche, industry knowledge to their mentee. A true mentor relationship is a two-way street–your mentor gets to learn about new strategies from you, while you gain wisdom from them. Our Mentorship Circles are composed of groups of mentors and mentees. The program consists also of one-to-one pairings of new and experienced entrepreneurs, companies, professional practitioners, industry associations, and government representatives.
We design programs for Mentors and mentees to meet regularly, designing partnerships that correspond to the specific interests and needs of the mentees. Mentors are The Music Advocate Africa Corporate & Professional members interested in continually reassessing the changing landscape of the copyright business and the needs of the community they serve. The mentee pool consists of members engaged in exploring the potential of their copyright business as it relates to their education, their careers, and their diverse goals.

Industry Leading Podcast

Subscription To
The Music Advocate Africa Podcast

Our membership means you get a subscription to The Music Advocate Africa Podcast & industry-leading articles curated by The Music Advocate Africa team. Get the latest information about the inner workings of the global copyright industry from leading copyright entrepreneurs, professionals & organizations

Best Discounts on Our Events

Get The Best Discounts on Our Events

You will get access to Our Best Discounts on educational programs such as webinars, panels, & lectures. Because we believe every creative entrepreneur & professional deserves a break, we curate boutique industry events which are fun-filled, full of music & pomp. Get Opportunities to Network & Collaborate with the biggest names in the copyright industry. The Music Advocate Africa events attract the biggest names in copyright, but they are also intimate and personal. Our events are the ideal place to form relationships, make connections and advance your career or business.

Africa Country Hubs

Join Our Africa
Country Innovation

Country Hubs are what drive The Music Advocate Africa Country Networks. We subscribe to the continental dream of uniting Africa through copyright & a single digital currency. Getting involved in our country hub networks is one of the best ways to get the most out of your membership. On our committees, you will make your best networking contacts and friendships across Africa.  Country Hubs drive our Africa Creative Business Exchange Program which focuses on providing African creative entrepreneurs with opportunities to work across African borders and collaborate with creative professionals in all 54 African countries.


Earn a Business Leadership Certificate. Add this Credential to your LinkedIn profile, resume, or CV &
Share it on social media and in your performance review.


Copyright Modules

Copyright Program Content

Website Copyright E-Learning Resources
Participants get access to our copyright leadership web portal whose E-Learning Resources are organized into program modules available in audiovisual format.
1.     Module 1 – What is the Rationale of Copyright?
2.     Module 2- How to Protect Your Copyright.
3.     Module 3- Works Protected by Copyright.
4.     Module 4- Economic Rights in Copyright.
5.     Module 5- How Related Rights Affect Your Copyright.
6.     Module 6- Authorship of Copyright.
7.     Module 7- Ownership of Copyright.
8.     Module 8- Dealing with Copyright Infringement.
9.     Module 9 – How to Earn Money from Your Copyright.
10. Module 10- Role of Collective Management Organizations.
11. Module 11- How to Use Other Peoples’ Copyright.
12. Module 12- Duration of Copyright Protection.

Monthly Events

How Not To Run Your Creative Business Enterprise

This program is organized in the form of Monthly Webinars & In-person Events with leading copyright industry-based organizations, professionals & institutions in the public & private sectors in Africa.

1.     Developing Your Copyright Business IP Strategy.
2.     Understanding Contracts for Goods and Services.
3.     Merchandising Secrets for Your Copyright Business.
4.     Managing Copyright Business Partners.
5.    Copyright Infringement & Avoiding Social Media Trouble.
6.     What is Your Copyright Business Finance Strategy?
7.     Budgeting To Save Your Life.
8.     Investing in Others Through Labour & Employment.
9.     Understanding Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).
10. Protecting Your Trademarks in Africa.
11. How To License Your Copyright & Other Intellectual Property.
12. Copyright Business Dispute Resolution Systems in Africa.


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